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Amazing Coffee


I love coffee, but I limit myself to only one cup per day.  As such, I want that cup to be the best darn tasting coffee ever!  I have a secret to making it taste delicious.

First, always assemble the coffee in the morning before you make it.  Making coffee the night before to simply turn on in the morning does not an excellent cup produce.  I’ll tell you why.  It’s the bubbles, y’all.  The morning-prepared coffee has water that is oxygenated and that makes great coffee!

Second, buy the whole beans and grind them yourself.  The pre-ground coffee loses the oil from the beans which makes coffee aromatic and luscious.  Grinding the beans yourself does not take long and the difference in taste is totally worth it.

Finally, this is the kicker!  Sprinkle a little ground cinnamon on top of the coffee grounds before you turn the coffeemaker on.  This trick brews up the most aromatic and delicious coffee, you won’t be disappointed!

That’s what works for me, see lots of other tips at Rocks in My Dryer!


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Four Ingredient Dinner


Take a roast or other hunk of meat (not ground, though) and throw it in the crock pot.

Add one can of cream of mushroom soup.
Add one can of tomato soup.
Add one envelope of dry onion soup.

Mush the soups over the hunk of meat and let that baby cook all day long.  The gravy makes itself and it is dee-licious!  That’s what works for me, to see other tips, check out Rocks in my Dryer!

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